Monday, May 18, 2009

Onward and upward!

Well, the Crest audition last week was interesting...

I was on the younger end of the age range, based on the others in the waiting room--and they were auditioning SO many types! Men, women, all races, various looks, etc. I'm not sure if they really knew what they wanted ahead of time, as far as a look went. The audition was interesting in the sense that I got to use a teleprompter for the first time--that was kinda neat! I was excited to learn something new. As for what I did in the audition itself...I knew my lines really well, and I listened to the adjustment and think that I did it, but haven't heard back. Ah well. It was a good learning experience. Onward and upward!

It is always interesting to me to see the commercials I've auditioned for, once they hit the airwaves. Many times, the individuals that were cast look nothing like me or are older than me. I was also once called back for a spot where they really wanted a Latina actress--which was evident in the waiting room, as I was the least Latina-looking actress in the room (despite being 1/4 Spanish, I most often am told that I look Irish, because of my freckles--oddly enough, I am not at all Irish...the fair skin comes from the French Canadian side). In one cast, the part I auditioned for was cut out of the commercial completely! So, it is true that you never really know why something doesn't work out. It's easier to take it less personally when you see that the commercial has someone who looks nothing like you. I've seen only two that had women who somewhat resembled me, and I was called back for both of those spots.

This is an ongoing process of learning to not take things personally, which I think is a great lesson overall. I am trying to work on not being so overly anxious about getting out there and booking work, because I so want to be working and I am very much ready to be doing so. :)

Had a casting director workshop last week, too--it was intense, for a workshop. The CD really worked with every actor, often interrupting scenes to ask character-based questions to make sure the actors understood the scene and what was going was like going to a second acting class, except that he wasn't talking about technique as much as he was almost investigating the type of work we'd thought about for each character. If that makes sense. He was fairly blunt with his comments at times, and while he had no comment about the backstory I'd created for my character, he gave me a couple of small adjustments, including one to pick up my beats. I made the adjustments he asked for, particularly concerning the pacing, and felt fine with the scene in the end. It wasn't the best scene in terms of writing--it was supposedly sitcom, but had almost no traditional sitcom beats or phrasing. (I say that with confidence, as I write sitcom myself and have studied a fair number of sitcom pieces.) However, what he wanted was a sitcom reading, and I think we got closer to that with the final run through. As I made my way back to my seat, he did tell me that I did a good job, so who knows? Anyway, I felt good about picking up the pacing well and taking the adjustments well. I think I generally take adjustments well, which is great.

So, I'm finishing up the last scene of Mad Men with Ben (in class this week), then I have no idea what I'm doing as far as scenes go...need something new to tackle! :) Class is always more productive for me if I have a specific thing to focus on for a while, like one character or script. I think that's true for a lot of people, actually--I always see a lot of growth in actors when they commit to doing every scene from a film, that sort of thing.

I'm holding off on more CD workshops through the end of the month--may have one that I'll go standby on next week, though. In the meantime, I am trying to figure out how to keep busy and keep the momentum going. I do need to work on the 2nd episode of the show--I've got about 9 pages written, all of it very rough. A lot of it is simply placeholding dialogue, if that makes sense.

I have a couple of plugs, by the way:
Fun play, in the Hollywood area, featuring some solid performances, including one by an actor we're looking at for the show. :) Check it out!
Podcast movie reviews and popculture discussions (related to films), done my a friend of mine and his pal.
Video and photo gallery of the cat that I am currently fostering (as of last week). He's very playful, outgoing and sweet, only 14 months old and still totally a kitten in a lot of ways--everything is a toy for him. He needs a new Forever Home. :) If you click on the links, you should get more info along with the video and the photos.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Next up

Got a commercial audition tomorrow, for Crest! Yay! So excited! The sides were online, so I have a copy of them to work on tonight. Definitely need to put some work in on learning the dialogue and getting used to saying it, as it's a big "jargon-y". :) Luckily, I have a good track record of being able to work with this sort of thing, based on my last commercial and my work in my old commercial class. Still, going to put in some major practice tonight and prior to the audition tomorrow. (I'm playing a doctor!)

Another workshop on Thursday--should be fun! Heard the CD likes to really work with the actors, so we were told to plan on being there later. :)

I really want to keep moving forward with my acting, with getting callbacks, bookings, etc. I want to book this commercial!! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek

Star Trek is the best film I have seen in AGES. Seriously. Go see it.

I *love* JJ Abrams. Alias was a show that I loved (own the first season and pop it in to watch every couple of months--would love to get at least seasons 2 and 3 as well)--it's the reason I have a girl crush on Jennifer Garner. :) And, I think we all know how utterly obsessed I am with LOST. :) He did an amazing job with Star Trek. Really. I'm so impressed, and it is bloody hard to impress me on the first viewing of a film. It really is--I pick things apart a lot, figure out what worked and what didn't, and more times than not, I'm left feeling "bleh" about whatever I just saw. Not this time. I am SO impressed with the film.

I have said this before, but I'm putting it out there again: I would LOVE to work with JJ Abrams. It'd be a dream come true for me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy Bee

Well...let's see! Workshop last week was fun--had a sitcom scene with a great partner, and it went well, so that's happy!

Sunday, had a casting director workshop with a gal from the office that casts Mad Men (*swoon* that show!!!!). It was interesting--a little different than some of the other workshops I went to, as it moved very quickly. I chose my own scene, something from Trust Me (which I have yet to'll be something I'll rent once the first season is on dvd). Recently, instead of choosing flashier scenes, I tend to look for scenes that might be something I would either be cast in or typed as...something that I think might fit me well enough for the show, too, if I can find it. I was able to do a dry run of the scene I chose, as my partner for class had been absent last week--kinda nice to have the practice! :) Anyway, my notes from the workshop were good--that I was very natural, etc. I seem to get that note a lot, which actually makes me happy. I think I'd rather be natural than be chewing scenery. :)

Had another workshop on Tuesday night, for a different office and at a different studio. Got a scene from The Savages, which was funny to me, as I'd done a bunch of scenes from that script already (last year, in class). I hadn't done this specific scene, but a lot prior to it, so I had a bit more to work with than I might ordinarily have had. It was the sort of scene that is preceeded by a confrontation of sorts, so there's a lot of energy carrying into it, which can be tricky sometimes. But it went fairly well. :)

Voice over audition on Wednesday morning--rarely have had vo auditions, so that's always an interesting experience for me. I just walked into it thinking, "Well, let's have some fun and learn something!" The office was really quiet at the time I went in, so I was able to hear the women reading in front of me--that was a little weird, but it was interesting, as I could hear that most of them were missing a beat that was written into the script and intended to be funny. Prior to my read through, the cd came out and gave myself and the other remaining actress in the lobby a direction to hit that beat. I went in, did my first take and hit the beat, but a little too strongly. The cd popped into the room and gave me the direction to pull it back a bit, which I think I did well. As I was leaving, the cd yelled, "That was great" from her office (where she was watching the session on a feed). So, I guess we'll see?

Class on Wednesday night was awesome. So many great scenes, such wonderful moments for a lot of the actors--people breaking through, having big moments, etc. I had an interesting improv, where my partner was trying to pick a fight with me, but I refused to take the bait. And my scene was gorgeous. It was just my favorite kind of acting to do, and my partner was divine, and I love-love-loved it! It was the first portion of a vignette from Nine Lives, which is a film I really enjoy (by Rodrigo Garcia). We're doing the second portion of the vignette next week. :) I was nervous about this scene prior to it, but I think that was just because I really love the piece, and I loved the original actors in the piece. :) Anyway, very happy with everything.

Had a nice afternoon watching LOST--so LOVE THAT SHOW!!! :) Also, had another workshop tonight, with an associate from the office that casts Southland (which is another of my favorite new shows--REALLY AMAZING). Went up first, as my partner had to leave early for a screening of a film he was in, and it went okay. I got no redirect, although my partner was given some notes. The scene had my character blackmailing his character, but I don't know the source material. It was interesting to watch the other scenes, too. :) I really love Southland--came home and watched it after the workshop. Such subtle acting, so great; love Regina King!

Might go see Star Trek in a myself some JJ Abrams!!!

Next workshop is currently in a week's time. We'll see what fun happens prior to that never know!! Auditions, callbacks, we shall see!!! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Little bit each day

I put my name in for a workshop happening in two weeks, and I will keep another one in mind for next week. I already have two that I'm signed up for in the meantime. :)

Played a small part in a friend's short film today--came to set and played a waitress that gets hit on my the douchey guy in the short. I offered to help in order to repay the actress starring in the short, as she helped me out last minute & played the bridesmaid when we shot the Here Comes The Bride short last year. Plus, it's always fun to be on set! :)

I sent off my headshot and resume to the director of my Cox cable spot (also had to create the PDF file) and mailed a thank you card to the cd associate whose workshop I attended yesterday. Both great little things to do!! :)